Are you looking to purchase Amethyst from a large selection of stones? Perfect!
Sunny Gems Top-Quality Amethyst is available in a variety of Faceted, and Cabochon Gemstones in addition to a large selection of Geodes. Our 100% Natural Brazilian Amethyst sells at affordable prices and is available in an extensive amount of shapes and sizes too.

Why should I purchase Amethyst?
Great question! Firstly, Amethyst displays remarkable qualities from its color to its durability ‘plus’ it is available in numerous cuts. Amethysts color displays vary from light pink to deep purple and its the most popular purple stone on the market, for these reasons. Secondly, this remarkably beautiful stone is the birthstone for February. Lastly, Amethyst is very affordable making it an excellent choice for purchase. For the reasons mentioned above among many others, Amethyst is a fantastic choice.

How do I Buy Sunny Gems Amethyst? What Sizes are Available?
Sunny Gems Faceted Amethyst ranges in size from about 2 mm to 70 mm in an immense variety of cuts and hues. At Sunny Gems we supply lots which include up to 30 pieces of gemstones. We also provide pairs that are correctly color matched for earrings or other applications requiring two identical stones. Our unique individual Jewels are desirable for creating pendants necklaces and large Amethyst rings. Whatever design you have in mind Sunny Gems catalog should supply the gems you need at an affordable price.

Curious about Amethysts durability and what to design with it?
Amethysts hardness on the Mohs Scale is 7 making it durable and suitable for use in any jewelry application. It’s also a fashionable Gemstone when worn by men and women. We believe you will see the benefits of using Sunny Gems Amethyst in your designs and know that you will appreciate our extensive selection and the excellent value we provide. Collectors, we haven’t forgotten you as we are sure you will enjoy our collection of Natural Brazilian Geodes

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