Rhodolite Garnet BEADS

Rhodolite Garnet
Hardness – 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale
Sources –
Sri Lanka

Rhodolite’s name is a modern composite of the Greek words rhodon, “rose,” and lithos, “stone.” It’s a member of the garnet group, a mixture of almandite and pyrope. Technically, gemologists classify garnets by acombination of color and various tests, but to most dealers and other gem professionals, any predominantly purple garnet is rhodolite. Rhodolite’s full color range includes light to dark purplish red through reddish purple.

Sunny gems keeps Rhodolite Garnet in various shades and sizes in faceted cut stones, cabs & beads.

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Sunny Gems are famous throughout the world for stones of superb quality at the most competitive prices.We specialise in finished gems and semi-precious gems of almost every variety. We’re widely known for our beads too.

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